Matcha tea for breakfas!


A couple of weeks ago we had a visit of a very good friend and she introduces us to a new tea that we weren’t aware or had used before. MATCHA TEA.

It’s a tea that come in very small cans or packages and has as good attributes as:

– give you energy to activate your body in the morning.

– it’s detox

– hels you to be slimmer

– in the event that you have a hangover, it hepls you to take it away.

And it’s really easy to prepare!

1- add 1/3 of a tea spoon in a cup

2- add 1/4 of hot water in the cup and move it (not in circles but up-down; lets right) with a beater.

3- then add the rest of the water and sugar/sweetener as you like.

For those who are familiarize, the taste is similar to the green tea ice cream that you’ve tasted in a chineese 🙂

Have a good day! 🙂




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